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Each of us is very sensitive and emotional when it comes to remember a specific place, where he or she was born, where he or she attend a great event, either private or shared with other people. This site is here to descibe these very important memories.

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By clicking on "Submit your place" on the top of the page, you could share a place on earth you like because of its magnificience or simply because you have strong memories with it. By doing so this site will be a place to enhance the beauties of our planet earth.


Chicago will be our first stop. The 'Windy City' is admired for it's architecture, but also the soul of its inhabitants.
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Milan the busiest city of Italy, has a long history in banking, industry, fashion, style, and music.
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French Alps are probably not the most famous cliché of this country, but it is definitively worth to discover them.
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Istanbul, the city which is a bridge between Europe and Asia, is among the most fascinating places on earth.
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